Now Is Not the Time to Experiment With DIY Electrical Repairs

Turn to us for prompt residential electrical services in the Shelton & New Milford, CT areas

Solving a persistent electrical issue like flickering lights might seem simple. After all, there are countless tutorials online that you could follow. But if you want to avoid potentially damaging your electrical features, arrange for expert residential electrical services.

A skilled electrician at Nelson Electric LLC in Shelton & New Milford, CT is standing by to assist you. Ask us about our...

Repair solutions to restore power to a dead outlet or an entire room
Lighting solutions to improve your home's curb appeal, security or energy efficiency
Wiring solutions to upgrade your front door with a Ring or Nest doorbell camera

We've made residential electrical services affordable for homeowners in our area. Call 203-414-5947 now to find out how little it would cost you to hire an experienced electrician.

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What if you could stay toasty-warm in a well-lit home during a nor'easter? Look into generator installation services if you want to enjoy reliable power in any weather.

Contact Nelson Electric today to set up a generator installation appointment in the Shelton & New Milford, CT areas.